Rogue Trader - Orthesian Legacy

Captain's Log

Star Date 174.811.M41

Today was a failure. Not just for the Orthesian Dynasty and the Imperium of Man, but for my crew, and my ability to lead them.
Many atrocities occurred today, with the destruction of an entire city at the hands of heretical deamon worshiping scum. There were many failures that were out of our control, for we can only do so much with our abilities as Men, and the limitations that it creates. My personal failure, however, was my inability to control my own crew.
As the Far Kingdom crumbled around us, we lost some esteemed officers through portals into nowhere, as well as receiving officers from just as unknown locations, but with them enemies of the highest level.
When questioned about their recent and distant histories regarding those we consider to be against the Dynasty in the highest tier, I was met with obvious lies and disrespect for the situation at hand. I had right to believe that such histories might have been related to the mass destruction and loss of life on the planet below, and personal privacy was treated as a major priority, over the lives of people. As I further pressed into the situation, more of my crew began to turn on me, claiming that my curiosity was unfounded, and pointless to the situation at hand.
Being born in, and raised through, an understanding of the chain of command, especially in times of extreme duress and danger, I was astounded by the sheer lack of discipline and respect from my own officers of my crew, aboard my ship, in my Dynasty.
Thoughts crossed my mind of house arrest, and even “air-locking” for, though I tried to resist such extremities, the thought of a mutiny terrified me, and I was in need to take my ship back into order, whatever the means.
Because of my respect for my officers, and their talents and perceived respect for me, I ended the conversation without any immediate punishment.
Even now, as we head to a new planet, I worry that I will lose control of my crew, and they will lose sight of our mission here.
I release this Captain’s Log to all Officers aboard my ship, in hopes that they, and the powers that be, will understand my desire to serve the God-Emperor and the Imperium of Man is above all, and I hope they follow my zeal, into the greatness that I know we can restore the Orthesian Dynasty to, once again.
God-Emperor Bless the Orthesian Dynasty.
God-Emperor Bless the Imperium of Man.


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