Solkarn Senk

Master of the Beast House


The Senk name belongs to a wealthy and private family.

Not much is known of them, but few rumors have been confirmed by men who are now either six feet under or rotting in the Void. The following notes are the legacies of dead men.

“One persistent rumor that surrounds the Beast House is that it has a single master and founder, an individual spoken of in hushed tones known as Solkarn Senk. Stories attribute him with superhuman and indeed supernatural abilities as a hunter and killer. "
(Quote credit- Calixis Wiki)

“The man’s wife is a savage in nature. I ain’t never seen a woman so brazenly twisted. Rumor has it Senk found that beastly woman on Burnscour, one of the more vicious of death worlds.”

“Senk’s Beast House is not the original house in which monsters fought long ago. It is merely a copy. But hell if he hasn’t refined the process and expanded to planets the likes of which the original could never imagine.”
(Concept credit- Calicut Wiki)

“Solkarn is the kind of man no one will touch. Powerful by mouth and connections, more so by the sword. He may not even be human. Why do you think the Imperials haven’t gotten him yet, eh?”

He is a man surrounded by shadow and keeps to the darkest reaches of night.

Solkarn Senk

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