Ryrin Night Eye

Mistress of Beasts


The daughter of Evelin and Gyrn of Astaramis, Ryrin was born aboard a rogue trader ship saddled with all the makings of a beast hunting vessel. Her father being the captain of the noble Slayne Beast, Ryrin was set to be born into moderate wealth. She wouldn’t inherit a penny.

The ship’s course was set for the death world of Burnscour, a hideous jungle planet inhabitated with the Imperiums favorite delicacies. The planet broiled constantly with a stormy atmosphere that we’re famed to crash a majority of ships that attempted a landing.

Gyrn was a brave man and a seasoned captain. He had confidence in his ability to command and his subordinate’s ability to land the vessel safely amongst the dense foliage and turbulent storms. Regardless, he knew the risks of their mission and had pleaded with his wife not to endanger her life and the life of their newborn to the dangers of a planet as treacherous as Burnscour. Of course she didn’t listen. She was a loving and stubborn woman and wife.

The first half of the mission went on uneventfully, much to Gyrn’s satisfaction. Aside from slight damage accrued during landing the ship and crew was mainly unscathed. It wasn’t until the departure when hope had failed. A hurricane the likes of which Gyrn Night Eye had never seen stampeded over the surrounding hills and consumed the ship in rain and wind and ash and… blood? When almost out of the storm and out of orbit everything… failed. Nerves failed. Systems failed. The mission failed.

She doesn’t remember her early life much, but Ryrin does remember the feeling of being raised on a death world. To sum it up in a single word: futile. The ship she was born on was of large make, so at least the survivors of the crash were of large number. Still, Burnscour was unforgiving to the shortcomings of man. The population of their meek colony was slowly diminishing. Whether it be disease or Saurian Leapers or Gargantipedes, acid rain or poisonous plants, the survivors were up against great odds.

Still, Ryrin managed to live. She lived when others didn’t. That’s all she knew; the harsh futility and abundance of death that Burnscour provided. It sculpted her into a cunning and cold woman. A woman unafraid of the bitter expanse of cruelty.

At a point in her young adult life, Ryrin was blessed with sweet release from Burnscour, but not as she expected. She had thought nuemonia would take her, but no. It was a man. His name was Solkarn Senk, a wealthy master hunter who visited death worlds like Burnscour for amusement. It was a happy accident for the both of them.

They each took a quick liking to one another. Solkarn loved the untamed, unkempt woman Ryrin had become. She retained civility but neared savagery. She was a new form of beast he had never before sought. Ryrin loved Senk for his prowess. He came to Burnscour with stories of hunts that put her death world to shame. He was not only a tall tale of a hunter, he was a genuine beast slayer. When they made their escape from Burnscour, he promised her everything, and she got everything.

However, her time on Burnscour had already done the damage. She was a clever woman with a knack for survival and cruelty. She sought some form of recompense for a broken life. She urged her new husband to prove his mastery of beast hunting for her time and again until he too had grown cold from an abundance of death. They quickly found a common ground in the hunting and torturing of beasts. Often times they used Senk’s family arena to pit beasts against each other so they could witness the things die at more accelerated rates.

Their affinity for bloodshed was unequaled and quickly a business formed. Illegal? Yes. But lucrative and enjoyable. They had heard of a similar enterprise that was world famous millennia ago.

The Beast House.

Together, Solkarn Senk and Ryrin Night Eye would revive that forsaken house and patrol the Imperium of Man in search for the largest, bloodiest beasts.

For it was their shared passion to revel in senseless blood shed.

Ryrin Night Eye

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