Nebula Ilioneyse

Navigator, Magisterial House. Noble Born - Vaunted - New Horizons (Xeno Arcanist) - High Vendetta - Pride - A Proud Tradition (Shameful Offspring)


Insanity Points: 19
Corruption Points: 8
Fate Points: 0 burned, 3 available
Experience Points: 1,050 available, 17,900 spent

To discover a reliable way – either through xenos means, ancient technology, or something new – to navigate the warp without the God-Emperor or the Astronomicon. After all, they can’t keep his decaying body on life support forever.

She was close to her family, and one of the finest; first in line to become the next matriarch. She often struggles with whether she made the right choice, abandoning her loved ones to chase after ancient fairy tales. Now her family wishes her dead, and will not stop until she is so. Whether or not she made the right choice, there is no going back. She will never be respected or accepted again. The mightiest have the farthest to fall.

Weapon Skill: 24
Ballistic Skill: 26
Strength: 26
Toughness: 41
Agility: 31
Intelligence: 40
Perception: 47
Willpower: 31
Fellowship: 42
Profit Factor: 33

Best-Craftsmanship Hellpistol
Eldar Mirror Swords
Baleful Eye
Krak Grenades

Best-Craftsmanship Xeno-Mesh Armour
Stalker Carapace Armour

Peer (Nobility)
Peer (Adeptus Mechanicus)
Warp Sense
Exotic Weapon Training
– Mirror Blades
Resistance (Fear)
Peer (Xenos)

Dual Strike
Two Weapon Wielder
Speak Language (Xenos)
Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader, Navigator)
Low/High Gothic

The Lidless Stare
The Course Untravelled

Traits and Abilities
Brook No Insult
Warp Focus
Pure Genes
Exalted Lineage
Dark Sight

Mutations and Cybernetics
Eyes as dark as the Void
Baleful Eye

Personal Gear
Silk Headscarf
Best-Craftsmanship Metal Staff
Nobilite Robes
Emperor’s Tarot Deck
Micro Bead
Coven of Twisted Bones (Book from the Dark Eldar Haemonculous)
– Stimm (32g)
– Haze (20g)
– Glimmer (64g)
– Geist (7g)
– Barrage (6g)


Nebula was born to the glorious and ancient Ilioneyse family forty-seven years ago. Her life has been one of extravagant luxury and wealth. Her younger years were spent studying the Navigator art, striving to perfect her skills so that she might one day serve as Navigator for the Vendigroth Rogue Trader himself. Her ambitions are great, and her desire for discovery and new knowledge even greater.

Noble born on the ancient Holy Terra, she has never had to work a day in her life. She has never known anything other than this. She has grown up knowing how to interact with nobility and academic leaders; her mannerisms and etiquette are born and bred. Due to her vaunted lifestyle, however, she lacks skills such as fending for herself or defending herself, and is unsure how to interact with those who are lower-tier. This doesn’t particularly bother her. She assumes others will do the dirty work for her — expects it, for that matter. As far as she is concerned, her only duties are to navigate the ship and advise the Rogue Trader on certain interactions where the diplomacy and delicacy of a noble is required.

Drug abuse goes hand-in-hand with wealth, and it is no different for Nebula. Since a young age, she was bombarded with offers from her peer group to engage in drug use, and she rarely said no. As such, she carries several different compounds with her everywhere she goes. She knows how to find dealers. She knows what the compounds do and how to use them effectively – either to slow her enemies or to speed herself. Not only that, but she’s built up astounding resistance to them. Recently, she has chosen to cut back on her use so that she can remain in peak condition to navigate, but she indulges in Glimmer periodically.

She was always a prime example of a Magisterial Navigator, living up to the family’s and the galaxy’s expectations, following the rules, maintaining the status quo. She even took on an apprentice, Reymalon Faye. But around the age of thirty-five, she and Reymalon discovered a secret stash of books on her family’s history and journals from her ancestors that were full of heretical courses of study. Curious, they delved into them, and found something that had been covered up for eons: their family was once loyal to the Orthesian family, a famous Rogue Trader Dynasty that disappeared thousands of years ago. When they had vanished, the Ilioneyse family had switched alliances to the Vendigroth Dynasty, and over time, had destroyed the evidence that they were once attached to the Orthesians.

Not only that, but the journals were packed full of xeno-arcana, with information on the cultures and genetics of the Xenos. Disgusted but intrigued, Nebula browsed through the journals. The writings awoke a curious desire for knowledge within her. She wants to know more of the Xenos, and she wants to know what it is about them that makes them worthy of utter destruction.

When news of the return of the Orthesian Dynasty spread, she immediately went to the heads of the Ilioneyse House to tell them of her findings on the family history. She insisted that they ought to pledge themselves once more to the Orthesians, as it was their duty. Her family was uninterested in this, and she was quickly shut down. “We are in a place of power and influence now,” said Miriam Ilioneyse, the Matriarch of the house. “I am not interested in upsetting the status quo, especially for a family that is old and dying. It is unlikely that the Orthesians will return to the power they once had.”

A few days later, her stash of heretical material was discovered. Infuriated, Miriam ordered her to destroy and forget about the journals. In her frustration with the matriarch, however, Nebula retaliated with rebellion, insisting that the information was valuable and interesting. When Nebula refused to give it up, Miriam destroyed most of the journals herself and ordered Nebula to be confined to her quarters until she saw sense. As one of the finest up-and-coming young navigators in the Ilioneyse house, Nebula had a huge effect on their reputation. A xenos-lover would not be tolerated.

Now that her streak of perfection had been broken, Nebula felt free for the first time. She called on one of her friends in the Vendigroth Dynasty, Inessa, to help her escape, and she and her apprentice ran. Her family sent assassins after them, in an attempt to kill her before news of her betrayal could spread. Luckily, they escaped.

She, Reymalon, and Inessa found Jesse, and together, the three of them found the Orthesian heir, Cornelius. Now a disgrace and a traitor to her own family, she joined the Orthesian as his navigator, with her loyal apprentice at her side.

After nearly destroying Josephine, the lead tech-priest aboard the Vengeful Falcon, Nebula apologized and made things right with her. Over the year that The Prometheus was grounded on Hemelshot, the two grew close. It’s pretty gay.

Navi_gay_tor. Just that, that’s the whole note.

Nebula Ilioneyse

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