Galia Chlo

Daughter of the Beast House


“She may now be a cyborg, but dang does she still look good!”

A crime baroness with a particular interest in all things non-human.

She is a collector of all exotic animal and aliens species. Unfortunately for her, this appetite led to the capture of Otto Vinterföd, a large bear humanoid similar to that of Earth’s Polar Bears.

Otto was subjected to gladiatorial combat in which he excelled, thanks to his size (and in part to the medical and robotic enhancements Galia allowed).

Fueled by a life of bloodshed and hatred for his captor, Otto won the “slave trials” and won his freedom. It wasn’t long after that when Galia was awoken by the fiercest pain she had ever had the displeasure of experiencing. Otto had used his Thunder Hammer to smash her legs into oblivion, and had soon thereafter made his escape into space.

Living a newly-disabled, crime-ridden life, Galia found new purpose in hunting down the bear she once thought to be her miracle pet.

I don’t think she likes polar bears anymore..

Galia Chlo

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