Rogue Trader - Orthesian Legacy

The Knight-Errant of Spectoris

An incoming message from a servant of the Orthesian Dynasty.

//Incoming Astropathic Transmission//

//Source = House Janus, Coronacht Hold, Spectoris Secundus, Spectoris System, Calixis Sector, Segmentum Obscurus//

Noble Lord-Captain Cornelius Orthesian, allow me to express my great enthusiasm at the return of you and your Dynasty. I am Ophelia, of House Janus, Knight-Errant of Spectoris.

For over two-thousand years, the Knights-Errant of House Janus have served the Orthesian Dynasty, our primary duty being that of the defense of the Agri-World, Spectoris Secundus — a world long ago founded by the Lord-Captain Caiaphas Orthesian, at the close of the Angevin Crusade. Under the vigilant watch of House Janus, the Dynasty’s holdings on Spectoris Secundus have withstood the predations of the Imperium of Man for thousands of years.

Alas, it is with great regret that I admit to you that I have failed as your servant, and the protector of Spectoris.

Two years ago, Spectoris was preyed upon by a fleet of Chaos Reavers — bloodthirsty heretics who rained fire onto our world, from the skies above. Though I fought valiantly, forcing the heretics to flee, the damage had been done.

Something in the ordnance that they bombarded the planet with — vivid blue flames — has left the land barren. Vast swathes of land have been corrupted to the point that they won’t produce a single crop. An Agri-World that cannot produce crops is all but worthless.

I have failed in my duty, as Spectoris is no longer an asset to either the Imperium or to the Orthesian Dynasty.

And, despite my failure to the Dynasty, I would have the audacity to ask an immense favor of my Lord-Captain Orthesian.
The Planetary Governor of Spectoris, Governor Grimmis Vard, has publicly denounced the name of House Janus, citing our failure to defend Spectoris. I would be stripped of rank, and the Imperial Knight, Winter Sentinel, would be taken from my family’s care, transferred

The only hope for House Janus lies in the Koronus Expanse, in the service of the Orthesian Dynasty.

If you were to call upon my services, invoking your right as the bearer of the Orthesian Warrant of Trade, I could rightfully be transferred to serve in your endeavors in the Koronus Expanse. If not, the Imperial Knight would be pulled from Spectoris, and out of the service of the Orthesians.

Though it is brazen of me to request such a favor — when it is I who failed the Orthesian Dynasty by letting Spectoris be rendered useless — your only other option is to lose the advantage that an Imperial Knight provides to your Dynasty.

The choice is yours — leave me to suffer the consequences of my failure, or seize the opportunity to have the advantage of an Imperial Knight in your direct service.

— Lady Ophelia Janus

//End Transmission//


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