Rogue Trader - Orthesian Legacy


We were captured immediately after our sorry attempts at assassination. I feel a vague memory of Crux meowing…? That can not be right..
We were taken deep into the core, and kept in individual cells. How long passed, I do not know. I only know that the pile of rats I killed was knee high by the time Domo appeared in the corridor. He is whispering something of the uprising when five Blood Brides stride around the corner. I hear one of the cell doors open. I begin to pick my own lock, I can only hear the sounds of a fight now. I open the door to join the fray and am immediately descended upon by a Bride.

I hear the POP before I feel the shredding pain.

My arm is entirely red. She must have cut an artery. But that’s strange, my arm extends to the floor… and puddles there…

That’s not my arm. It’s a stream of blood shooting from my shoulder. Everything in my mind shifts as I realize MY ENTIRE LEFT ARM IS GONE.

I scream through tears of fury. I scramble behind the Bride and snatch its gun and smash the needler into the back of the Brides head. The Blood Bride shrieks and turns to face me once again. She smirks as she stabs deep into my belly.


I came to as my arm is hastily being sewn back on. I begin screaming again.

My team is guiding me through the tunnels. I stumble again and again.

I remembering punching someone.. and then we are splitting up. The squishies and the fighters. Otto and I hide in an alley.. more guards are killed.

Overhead I hear:



Dangerbutton queenC

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