Rogue Trader - Orthesian Legacy

Navigator's Log 2.02

The Yu'Vath Ruins

After what was quite possibly the smoothest warp travel I have ever conducted, we arrived at the planet Mynov. The first thing we noticed were two ships in the system – the Disciples of Thule, and what appeared to be a group of miners. They both contacted us, and after a few initial issues, we told the miners that they needed to leave while we conducted a preliminary investigation for the Inquisition – dropping Vesper’s name so as to throw some weight around.

Of course, the Inquisition wasn’t really coming. We just needed the miners to leave so the Disciples of Thule could study their thing and get out.

With the miners gone, we flew down to the surface, where the Disciples led us into the mountains and through an intricate cave system. Our Kroot mercenary Kct’chaka (? Is there even a human spelling for their names?) noticed we were following the path of people, dozens of people, who had passed through recently and often.

Shortly thereafter, we were startled by a shadow passing by. There was some gunfire, and I backed down a hole. Our psyker (what was her name again? Big hat. Big attitude) tried to grab me as I fell, but I was just out of reach, and slid away, screaming. I flew down the right of a fork, then tumbled into a large cavern filled with bioluminescent mushrooms. The lighting screwed with my eyes. Normally I can see fairly well in the dark, due to my eye mutations, but it was exactly wrong in the cavern. When I hit the bottom and paused to take in my surroundings (and a breath), I heard a soft rattling. Panicked, I yelled up the hole for them to come get me, though I was sure I’d fallen so far they’d barely be able to hear me.

A minute passed. Maybe more. The rattling was quiet, yet deafening in the space. I grew silent, slowly realizing my error. If they weren’t coming to get me, all my yelling was doing was alerting whatever it was out there to my presence. I grew still, watching the mushrooms and moss, gripping my pistol.

Something moved in the darkness. A call came from above – Risa, asking which way to go at the fork. A sigh of relief escaped me – they were coming. But I had to yell back to tell her which way to go. I hesitated, then called. The rattling grew louder suddenly and it – whatever it was – lunged towards me, and I shot it point-blank in the face with surprising accuracy, considering I was screaming again. Not a moment later, Risa dropped beside me and we clambered back out of the hole.

The shadow that had startled me into backing down the hole turned out to be a young man, apparently affiliated with the miners, who was with a group gathering artifacts from the Yu’Vath ruins. We tried to have him lead us, since the Disciples had lost their signal on their tracking device, but we quickly became lost again.

Annoyed, I asked Kct’chaka to find the path again. He informed us we’d wandered off it a few turns back, then led us directly to the ruin.

Most of it was stripped bare, with only base structures remaining. The miners were thorough. At the far end of the cavern was a massive door with a circle in the center, carved to appear shattered, and nine slots around it. I clearly detected a psychic presence behind it which could be interacted with, but not by me. I’m not that kind of psyker. I turned to our choir directer and asked her to do it, but she was having incredible difficulty detecting the presence at all, much less interacting with it.

I turned around, glanced around the cavern, and told Lumi not to wander off, then returned to helping the psyker.

It didn’t take long, as it never does, for disaster to strike. A massive beast, thirty feet long with massive pincers, crashed through the door. I recognized it immediately as the beast who had nearly eaten me in the tunnels. The Disciples of Thule leapt to action, other than their leader, who chose to cower behind a rock.

We can’t all be heroes, I suppose.

It didn’t take too long to take the beast down, considering we kept dropping rocks on it. When it was dead, we gathered the carcass, and I took one of its long, bladelike pincers to create a sword from it. I’m really only good with the Eldar Mirror Swords, but perhaps Reymalon could use it, or I could decorate my room with it, as a trophy.

This is when we discovered Lumi standing in a doorway, clutching a bizzare crystal pillar.

When questioned, she led us through a secret tunnel that opened into a room behind the massive door. There were several such pillars within the room, which I arranged into a neat hexagon – there were spots on the floor to set them. Lumi kept trying to escape with one, and muttering about how they wanted to leave, but I managed to complete the task eventually.

Once set, they lit up a symbol on the floor. I didn’t recognize it, but Risa did. Apparently it was a symbol from a starchart. Not a starchart I have used, apparently, despite all my time spent studying any and all charts of space.

Either way, I was suddenly overcome with the insatiable desire for a sandwich.

We took the crystal pillars out and explained the situation to the Disciples. One of them, in response to my complaining, produced a sandwich from one of his pockets. We exchanged the pillars for him. His name is Lenses, he’s covered in cameras, and he makes a mean bologna sandwich. We got the better end of that deal.

The Disciples packed up their work and we beat a hasty retreat, moving to get away from the Yu’Vath ruins quickly. The xenos were evil, and worshiped the warp, and their energies still hung about the place like a malign presence.

When we exited the tunnels, Lumi began screaming.


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