Rogue Trader - Orthesian Legacy

Navigator's Log 06

So... We Commandeered a Ship

We met up with Bastille and the captain worked out the particulars of the deal. While I was exchanging Nexus Points with his navigator, Inessa would be working out a more material trade.

We met up in the middle. Bastille’s men seemed nervous, unsettled. I’m uncertain why. I greeted them cheerfully and put them at ease with a few introductions and jokes. I knew the navigator – he belongs to the C? house, and he was friendly enough. Mostly interested in just getting the exchange done. As we went to connect our minds and share our psynicient information, the astropath attempted to block me and break into my mind, apparently in an effort to steal the two Nexus Points. I shut him down instantly and backed away, worried that this entire meeting was a setup for a sabotage. Uninterested in dancing around the point, I addressed the astropath directly with an annoyed, “Bro.”

Baffled, shocked, and unsure what to do since his attempt to undermine me had failed, he was silent. C? asked what was wrong, and I explained that the astropath – whose name was apparent “Lenny” – had attempted to steal from me. C? seemed shocked by this, and ordered that “Lenny” be removed and punished accordingly. We then finished our transaction and went our separate ways.

Once we returned, the captain concluded our business with Bastille. I stepped into my room and finished examining the Nexus Point I’d received from C?, then returned to the bridge. Jesse had discovered a few interesting things in the dust cloud nearby, and apparently there was a ship about to exit the warp a short distance away. The item in the dust cloud had an Eldar signature, and I immediately wanted to check it out. There was some debate about whether we should stick around for the ship, as it could be unfriendly, but it seemed we had plenty of time, so Jesse and I took ten Kroot and went to see what it was.

Within the dust cloud was a portal – a structure indeed of Eldar design; what they use in order to travel across the galaxy. Jesse and I debated briefly, and chose to go through and see what was on the other side.

What greeted us was a field of debris – broken ships, trashed, floating around a small black star of some sort. I detected a Nexus Point within it.

We were immediately hailed with a distress call by a small group of individuals who begged us to save them from the “Hollow Men.” Jesse and I deliberated briefly, then went to their aid. Her expert piloting and ballistic skills let us shoot a couple of the Hollow Men off the side of the vessel. One attempted to break into our own vessel, but a few of the Kroot we brought with us made quick work of him. With the Hollow Men distracted, we were able to save over half of the group. Identity-wise, they proved to be descendants of crews long ago stranded here, while two were more recent additions to the area – jettisoned from their ship as some sort of punishment. For what, I am still uncertain.

With them aboard, Jesse whipped our vessel around and we shot back through the portal. Just before we left, I caught a glimpse of the other fully functioning vessel we had previously noticed on the sensors. It bore the Orthesian seal. I questioned one of the men we saved – Pol – about it, and he said that it was indeed an Orthesian ship. Baffled but intrigued, I determined to tell the captain we must go back to find out more.

Outside of the dust cloud, it was clear that a major starship battle had commenced. It appeared to be Jeremiah Blitz and our captain locked in combat against the Vendigroth Rogue Trader, Nadya.

Jesse brought us around and docked us back on The Prometheus. We ran to the bridge. I was eager to inform the captain of all we’d found, but he was… a little busy. Much had happened while Jesse and I had been out.

Inessa had found a man from the Vendigroth ship who still seemed to be loyal to her, for reasons I didn’t care to find out. It was determined that he’d lead us onto the ship right beside us, The Falcon’s Vengeance, and that we’d hit their engines and run. Lumi, Inessa, and I went.

A ways into the ship, Lumi knocked something over. She managed to hide, but a couple of guards caught the rest of us. But the man – Gant – convinced them that he was taking us with him. Luckily he still held sway, and they accompanied us, but after a time they grew suspicious. They attacked, but we made quick work of them, especially with Lumi’s help. She’d been hiding and leapt out from behind, immediately taking one of the three down. From there, we made our way down to the engine room.

The crew was there working. When they saw me, they seemed shocked and confused. Navigators don’t usually enter the engine rooms. Their Adeptus was working with the machine spirits, but we told her she’d been replaced. Lumi and Pol sabotaged her work, riling up the machine spirits to utter fury. We cried that the girl had been a double-crosser, then got out of there as fast as we could. We sent Pol and Gant back to The Promethus with the girl, while Inessa, Lumi and I took on a slightly more daring plan.

Inessa had discovered (I suppose from Gant) that the captain of The Falcon’s Vengeance was her cousin, Aphecius Vendigroth. This frankly wasn’t surprising, as Nadya would obviously keep the business in the family. But as we’d moved away from the engine room, Inessa had hatched to me a plot – she wished to kill her cousin and take his ship for the Orthesian Dynasty. We contacted the captain and informed him, and he agreed to let us go forward with it – anything to weaken Nadya Vendigroth, so that we could win this fight.

We ran through the ship uncontested. They recognized us as persons of power, and assumed we were their superiors and leaders. At the door to the bridge, we were halted by four guards demanding to know our business. We told them that the captain had requested an extra Navigator because he was planning to make an unplanned, emergency warp jump.

They shot Inessa right in the chest, blowing her backwards several meters. Lumi hit one with her shock rod, knocking him unconscious, and I, unwilling to test myself in combat against them, I opened my warp eye on them, instantly killing two. The last one managed to avoid my gaze, but Lumi made quick work of him.

Glancing at Inessa, I asked if she was okay to move forward with the plan. Upon her affirmative, we entered.

The bridge was a flurry of action. Up on the screen, we could see our dear Captain Cornelius, distracting Aphecius with expert foolish blather – I think he was pretending to try and explain to Jesse, who was playing the fool, what each ship in the Vendigroth fleet was called, and Aphecius was buying right into it.

A man turned and asked us what we needed. We told him we’d deliver our message to the captain himself and to return to his work station.

I informed the captain that we were on the bridge. He ordered us to get right behind Aphecius. Once we were in place, he said, “What’s that?” causing Aphecius to turn around. He caught a glimpse of the three of us, right before Inessa shot him in the face.

The bridge fell deadly silent. The crew stared at us in shock.

Inessa holstered her gun and turned around. “I am Inessa Vendigroth,” she declared. “As I am next in rank to Aphecius, this ship is now under my command. Anyone who does not answer to me will be ejected into space.”

With little resistance, the crew agreed, and returned to their duties. I caught a glimpse of the navigator aboard – my uncle. I have yet to speak with him. I’m not exactly looking forward to it.

With the Falcon’s Vengeance under our command, our plans are to dupe Nadya Vendigroth into believing we have been defeated and then spring a sneak attack on her. We shall see how that goes.


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