Quppa-Psi-12 is the verdant planet that the Dynasty found by following the coordinates given during the Fortelling. On it, they encountered dangerous wildlife and ancient eldar ruins. At the temple of farseeing, they uncovered the map that was the start of their journey.


Quppa-Psi-12 appears as a verdant, green planet from orbit, its surface dotted by innumerable large lakes and small, inland seas. Sufficient water is to be found in the subsoil to support the verdant plant life that covers the majority of the planet’s surface, although the equatorial regions are noticeably dryer scrublands and the poles have small ice caps. The remainder of the planet’s liquid reserve is to be found in a light cloud layer, which is concentrated in gentle belts around each of the tropics. Lacking as it does any major surface water features, Quppa-Psi-12’s weather system is remarkably stable, with only slight variations in weather patterns across its surface.

The vegetated areas of the surface are most dense at the tropics, and consist of sub-tropical forests. These are largely dominated by a range of tall, fern-like trees, many of which reach heights in excess of twenty metres. Where these are especially thick, the forest floor is devoid of other plant life, making the going easy beneath the shade of the thick canopy above.

Animal Life

Quppa-Psi-12 teems with fauna, the vast majority of it insectoid. A high proportion of oxygen in the atmosphere has allowed many of these species to attain an impressive size, with the largest of their kind, a sinuous, wasp-like creature with three separate sets of wings along its thorax, so large it could pose a threat to a lightly armed shuttle. Although broadly classifiable as insects, such creatures exhibit a wide range of features; multiple sets of wings, hundreds of legs, and even more than one head.

A staggering variety of amphibious life can be found near the lakes and seas, most of which eats the insects. These range from tiny, blood-sucking frogs to gargantuan, newt-like beasts with prehensile tongues used to capture the largest flying insects. Note that none of these beasts have been given proper names, only handy nicknames, because no one has ever been in a position to properly catalog them.

Signs of Life

Largely hidden amongst the fern forests of Quppa-Psi-12 are signs that the Explorers are not the first visitors to the world. This is because the world was once, countless eons in the past, an outpost of the galaxy-spanning empire of the Eldar. The world was not what is known to scholars as a Maiden World, but was instead valued by the Eldar for its location amidst the celestial cartography of the region. To the Eldar, Quppa-Psi-12 occupied a propitious location amidst the firmament, and Farseers visited it frequently to conduct their rituals of arcane prognostication.

Dotted across the surface are several hundred structures of Eldar origin. Most are small Wraithbone constructs, long since fallen into decay and overgrown by vines. These lesser structures were built by the Eldar to focus the celestial energies that converge on Quppa-Psi-12, directing them towards one central structure, the temple where the seers’ mighty rituals
were performed.

The Temple of Farseeing

Aside from the many lesser structures dotted across its surface, Quppa-Psi-12 is host to a far larger feature of Eldar construction. This is a mighty, ancient temple, largely intact. The temple was constructed countless millennia ago by the enigmatic Eldar as a setting for their arcane rituals. It occupies the Nexus Point at which all of the region’s celestial energies converge, allowing the seers to draw upon vast power. When the Eldar civilisation collapsed, these energies were thrown wildly out of alignment, psychic feedback fusing many of the lesser structures and damaging the finely-tuned construction of the Temple of Farseeing such that it could not be repaired without significant investment of resources. As the Eldar civilisation was in turmoil, those resources were unavailable, and the structure was abandoned to its fate.

Even in its current state, the Temple of Farseeing is an impressive sight, with sail-like veins arching high into the air. These are overgrown with vines and ferns, making the temple look almost like a very large tree (and hard to identify from orbit). At the apex of the structure is a wide, round platform, its overgrown surface engraved with a myriad of complex runes and sigils. This is the site where the rituals of farseeing were performed, and the engraving represents a complex map of the surrounding area of space. It is referred to as a star map, but this is no ordinary celestial chart, for its impossibly complex features describe far more than the positions of stellar bodies. Instead, the very fates of those worlds are plotted, and the interplays of impossible dimensions predicted. Each of the worlds nearby is represented by a single gem, but unfortunately many of these are missing, the sockets in which they were once located blackened and scorched by witchfire. At the centre of the feature is a single heavily scorched and empty socket.


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