Rogue Trader - Orthesian Legacy

Navigator's Log 07
The Processional of the Damned

For a few minutes after the battle ended, there was a strange, tense quiet. Our plans were laid. Nadya Vendigroth did not yet know that we had tricked her.

She hailed us, and demanded to see Captain Aphecius. We sent the First Officer of the ship, a man named York, to speak with her in his place. Cornelius whipped up a story that Aphecius was in the bathroom with a stomachache. Nadya refused to speak with York, stating that she would wait. The shuttle on approach to our ship halted, and she hailed us again, saying, “The Lord Captain of his Dynasty demands that he present himself, regardless.”

We told her we’d see what we could do, then hung up and went through our options. Cornelius suggested we prop up Aphecius’ body and turn him into a puppet so it seemed like he was still alive. That was quickly denied because his face was blown off. Jesse suggested we pretend a demon had come aboard, but we determined the probability of failure for that was too high, as they might just blow us up to get rid of the “demon.” Another suggestion was to have Inessa pretend to be Aphecius, but we determined the disguise wouldn’t be convincing enough.

After another ten minutes, their patience wore thin. “If we don’t hear from Aphecius in the next five minutes, we will cut communications, and take action.”

With our options exhausted, we decided to take action first. The shuttle from Nadya’s ship returned, and we attacked. We got into our battle stations and fired. Meanwhile, we sent the Vengeful Falcon around to flank. Two hits, one from each of our ships, critically damage them. They fire back at the Prometheus.

Suddenly, I sense that their warp drive is activating. I yell to the captain that they’re going to make an emergency warp jump and that we need to get away, fast. Jesse yells that we should just go through the portal. We crank up our energy conversion matrix and shoot through the dust cloud with the Vengeful Falcon right behind us. The warp shears open, trying to suck everything in, and the Falcon takes a hard hit, but makes it through okay. We sail out into the field of broken ships – the Processional of the Damned.

Pol requests to speak with Cornelius. He advises Cornelius to keep his distance from the other Orthesian ship that Jesse and I had seen last time we came through this portal. He explains that the vessel is named The Argent Blade. It’s a small raider class vessel, and that they are a dangerous force influenced by something malign. I asked him how he came to be aboard such a “malign” ship, and he explained that he had served aboard the vessel for a long time and watched its decline under the influence of some entity. Apparently it was his opposition to their orders that caused him to be stranded. He wasn’t sure why they were in the shipyard, as he had been kept in the brig for six months before they had arrived here.

We decided that we would leave the Vengeful Falcon by the portal to guard our exit and repair itself, we headed out through the Processional towards the Nexus Point. After a while, we came upon a small moon filled with holes, like swiss cheese. In the interest of safety, we chose to go around. The Hollow Men don’t prove to be a problem. We dispatch teams to take care of any that get onto our hull.

The Nexus Point is in the middle of a large cluster of starships. We park a little farther away and I go down in a shuttle with some Kroot, Captain Cornelius, and Pol. I space walk out to the Nexus Point with several Kroot. As I work on deciphering the point, I’m unnerved by the black star outside – occasionally, through the wreckage surrounding me, i catch a glimpse of it. I feel like it’s watching me.

I pick up the map easily, and immediately head back to the shuttle, eager to get out of empty space. Suddenly, from all around, I hear screams – strange, banshee howling echoing through space. Out of the wreckage come a group of figures, screaming through space. I recognize them as Dark Eldar reaver jet bikes. Panicked, I start screaming and scrambling back to the shuttle. Unfortunately, scrambling doesn’t work well in space. Three of them come towards me. From the shuttle, Cornelius shoots two of them, and I whip out my Eldar Mirror swords to parry his scythe-like weapon. He speeds away, and I manage to get back to the shuttle before he comes back around.

The captain tries to take us out. The jets dodge around us, knocking us around into other wreckage as we try to speed up to The Prometheus. I keep screaming, running around the shuttle, unable to think straight. The captain yells at me to shut up, and Jesse, from the ship, beeps me and starts screaming back. That shuts me up.

A ship appears from the wreckage – the Orthesian vessel Jesse and I had seen last time we were in the portal.

The Eldar zipping around the shuttle rip the hull open and come crawling through the hole, weapons drawn. I draw my gun as they attack, one going for the captain. I point my gun at one of the Eldar coming through the hull, but he dodges my shot and comes towards me, spear drawn. I shoot him again, point blank, and send him flying backwards. To my left, I see an Eldar coming down on Pol, and I whip out my swords and leap towards him. The lack of gravity throws me off, though, and I miss them entirely. The Eldar slices off his arm. Annoyed, I whip back around and stab him. After several more minutes of fighting, we kill the rest of them and our shuttle limps back into the ship.

The ship with the Orthesian seal insists that we have stolen their property and that we need to return it to them. Nearby, three more ship signatures appear – non-imperial ships. We start prepping for battle as we hail the other ship. They insist that again, we don’t own the vessel and that we must return it. It becomes clear that the other three ships are with it. Unwilling to deal with the other three ships, which appear to be Dark Eldar, we choose to leave. The Captain snaps an angry retort at the other man, telling him off for being a heretic, then hangs up and directs us to fly back out of the portal.

On our way back, we go through the Swiss cheese moon, unwilling to waste the time going around it. The Eldar ships don’t follow us in, choosing to go around. We scrape against a wall at one point, but make it out okay; going through gives us a head start and we turn on the energy conversion matrix and speed out. The Eldar dance around us, shooting, but we manage to shoot out of the portal behind the Falcon, whom we had radioed ahead to leave.

The ships don’t follow us through the portal.

We check on Pol before we leave. He’s grown his arm back, which seems strange and incredible. He explains that it’s a type of tech-priest study that has to do with genetics.

We hang out in the area for a day, finishing some fix-ups, and then we head out to a safe warp point and we prepare to leave. I take us into the warp and locate the astronomicon with ease and take us right through. We hit a warp reef, and a fire starts in the shrine the missionaries built to Georgio as Jesse walks past. After some effort, however, the crew manages to put the flames out. We come out of the warp on time without any further problems.

As we emerge from the warp, the sight before us is stunning and beautiful. There is a raging warp storm before us, in the center of which is the Dread Pearl. As we approach it, it slowly begins to part for us, lightning flashing, colours whirling. The light of a star comes through as the storm parts, revealing to us the stellar system of the Pearl. A scan reveals that we are the first ones here. We decide to wait for the storm to retreat a little further before going through, for safety’s sake. A day or two later, it’s safe, but I detect somebody coming through the warp. We are soon to have company.

We take our ship through. The planet is vast and verdant, absolutely beautiful and incredibly healthy, covered in a giant ocean broken up by hundreds, maybe thousands of islands. We are taking a shuttle down now to explore.

Navigator's Log 06
So... We Commandeered a Ship

We met up with Bastille and the captain worked out the particulars of the deal. While I was exchanging Nexus Points with his navigator, Inessa would be working out a more material trade.

We met up in the middle. Bastille’s men seemed nervous, unsettled. I’m uncertain why. I greeted them cheerfully and put them at ease with a few introductions and jokes. I knew the navigator – he belongs to the C? house, and he was friendly enough. Mostly interested in just getting the exchange done. As we went to connect our minds and share our psynicient information, the astropath attempted to block me and break into my mind, apparently in an effort to steal the two Nexus Points. I shut him down instantly and backed away, worried that this entire meeting was a setup for a sabotage. Uninterested in dancing around the point, I addressed the astropath directly with an annoyed, “Bro.”

Baffled, shocked, and unsure what to do since his attempt to undermine me had failed, he was silent. C? asked what was wrong, and I explained that the astropath – whose name was apparent “Lenny” – had attempted to steal from me. C? seemed shocked by this, and ordered that “Lenny” be removed and punished accordingly. We then finished our transaction and went our separate ways.

Once we returned, the captain concluded our business with Bastille. I stepped into my room and finished examining the Nexus Point I’d received from C?, then returned to the bridge. Jesse had discovered a few interesting things in the dust cloud nearby, and apparently there was a ship about to exit the warp a short distance away. The item in the dust cloud had an Eldar signature, and I immediately wanted to check it out. There was some debate about whether we should stick around for the ship, as it could be unfriendly, but it seemed we had plenty of time, so Jesse and I took ten Kroot and went to see what it was.

Within the dust cloud was a portal – a structure indeed of Eldar design; what they use in order to travel across the galaxy. Jesse and I debated briefly, and chose to go through and see what was on the other side.

What greeted us was a field of debris – broken ships, trashed, floating around a small black star of some sort. I detected a Nexus Point within it.

We were immediately hailed with a distress call by a small group of individuals who begged us to save them from the “Hollow Men.” Jesse and I deliberated briefly, then went to their aid. Her expert piloting and ballistic skills let us shoot a couple of the Hollow Men off the side of the vessel. One attempted to break into our own vessel, but a few of the Kroot we brought with us made quick work of him. With the Hollow Men distracted, we were able to save over half of the group. Identity-wise, they proved to be descendants of crews long ago stranded here, while two were more recent additions to the area – jettisoned from their ship as some sort of punishment. For what, I am still uncertain.

With them aboard, Jesse whipped our vessel around and we shot back through the portal. Just before we left, I caught a glimpse of the other fully functioning vessel we had previously noticed on the sensors. It bore the Orthesian seal. I questioned one of the men we saved – Pol – about it, and he said that it was indeed an Orthesian ship. Baffled but intrigued, I determined to tell the captain we must go back to find out more.

Outside of the dust cloud, it was clear that a major starship battle had commenced. It appeared to be Jeremiah Blitz and our captain locked in combat against the Vendigroth Rogue Trader, Nadya.

Jesse brought us around and docked us back on The Prometheus. We ran to the bridge. I was eager to inform the captain of all we’d found, but he was… a little busy. Much had happened while Jesse and I had been out.

Inessa had found a man from the Vendigroth ship who still seemed to be loyal to her, for reasons I didn’t care to find out. It was determined that he’d lead us onto the ship right beside us, The Falcon’s Vengeance, and that we’d hit their engines and run. Lumi, Inessa, and I went.

A ways into the ship, Lumi knocked something over. She managed to hide, but a couple of guards caught the rest of us. But the man – Gant – convinced them that he was taking us with him. Luckily he still held sway, and they accompanied us, but after a time they grew suspicious. They attacked, but we made quick work of them, especially with Lumi’s help. She’d been hiding and leapt out from behind, immediately taking one of the three down. From there, we made our way down to the engine room.

The crew was there working. When they saw me, they seemed shocked and confused. Navigators don’t usually enter the engine rooms. Their Adeptus was working with the machine spirits, but we told her she’d been replaced. Lumi and Pol sabotaged her work, riling up the machine spirits to utter fury. We cried that the girl had been a double-crosser, then got out of there as fast as we could. We sent Pol and Gant back to The Promethus with the girl, while Inessa, Lumi and I took on a slightly more daring plan.

Inessa had discovered (I suppose from Gant) that the captain of The Falcon’s Vengeance was her cousin, Aphecius Vendigroth. This frankly wasn’t surprising, as Nadya would obviously keep the business in the family. But as we’d moved away from the engine room, Inessa had hatched to me a plot – she wished to kill her cousin and take his ship for the Orthesian Dynasty. We contacted the captain and informed him, and he agreed to let us go forward with it – anything to weaken Nadya Vendigroth, so that we could win this fight.

We ran through the ship uncontested. They recognized us as persons of power, and assumed we were their superiors and leaders. At the door to the bridge, we were halted by four guards demanding to know our business. We told them that the captain had requested an extra Navigator because he was planning to make an unplanned, emergency warp jump.

They shot Inessa right in the chest, blowing her backwards several meters. Lumi hit one with her shock rod, knocking him unconscious, and I, unwilling to test myself in combat against them, I opened my warp eye on them, instantly killing two. The last one managed to avoid my gaze, but Lumi made quick work of him.

Glancing at Inessa, I asked if she was okay to move forward with the plan. Upon her affirmative, we entered.

The bridge was a flurry of action. Up on the screen, we could see our dear Captain Cornelius, distracting Aphecius with expert foolish blather – I think he was pretending to try and explain to Jesse, who was playing the fool, what each ship in the Vendigroth fleet was called, and Aphecius was buying right into it.

A man turned and asked us what we needed. We told him we’d deliver our message to the captain himself and to return to his work station.

I informed the captain that we were on the bridge. He ordered us to get right behind Aphecius. Once we were in place, he said, “What’s that?” causing Aphecius to turn around. He caught a glimpse of the three of us, right before Inessa shot him in the face.

The bridge fell deadly silent. The crew stared at us in shock.

Inessa holstered her gun and turned around. “I am Inessa Vendigroth,” she declared. “As I am next in rank to Aphecius, this ship is now under my command. Anyone who does not answer to me will be ejected into space.”

With little resistance, the crew agreed, and returned to their duties. I caught a glimpse of the navigator aboard – my uncle. I have yet to speak with him. I’m not exactly looking forward to it.

With the Falcon’s Vengeance under our command, our plans are to dupe Nadya Vendigroth into believing we have been defeated and then spring a sneak attack on her. We shall see how that goes.


Pyxis rhymes with Stryxis!!!?


We found the Light of Terra and helped her fly again. I also made lots of new friends and they even came home with me. The captain was nice. I think he might be a good captain.

Navigator's Log 05
The Third Nexus Link

As previously planned, we left the desert planet and set our course for the last known coordinates of The Light of Terra. We reached it easily enough, though my calculations shot us over the mark by a few days. Once there, I easily detected the psychic signals of the Nexus Link, while Jesse and Inessa scanned for other ships. The only other vessel in sensor range was The Light of Terra itself, an ancient, battered, yet impressive ship.

We chose to visit the ship first, interested in its condition and whether we could take it as our new flagship. Not only that, but there was a significant amount of curiosity as to why and how it had disappeared, 2,000 years ago. We took a small ship to check it out. Scan indicated that it was too broken to be fixed, which was a tragedy. To our shock, however, scans also indicated life signs aboard.

We sent in a drone to check out one of the groups of life signs. Lumi navigated it expertly, and soon, we we given a view of them: a small group of humans, dressed oddly in rags of clothing and machine parts, sitting around a fire. When they noticed the drone, they approached warily, then bowed down to it.

Delighted with this development, the captain decided that we should board immediately. We followed the drone’s tracks and approached the group, and Lumi brought the drone to land in the captain’s hand.

To our bafflement, they bowed instead to Lumi, and addressed her as the leader of our group, referring to us as her ‘servants.’ The captain seemed more amused than annoyed, and merely muttered, “When in Rome.” I, uninterested in offending these primitive creatures, fell in behind Lumi’s left shoulder. Apparently they worship machines and machine gods, and viewed Lumi as some sort of prophet, due to her biomech enhancements.

Without much further ado, they led us directly to their ‘oracle.’ As they led us through the ship, they explained to Lumi about the tribes that lived aboard. Thousands of years stranded aboard the ship turned them into a scrappy, primitive society, who believed that the ship was a world. I suppose it makes sense enough – the ship is massive. But still, I’m shocked that not even a little bit of their history was preserved.

The oracle turned out to be the captain of the ship. Plagued with an illness, he had fused his body, mind and soul with the technology, become one with the vessel. He begged us to help him repair his ship, that he might make one final voyage. We agreed to help, struck with pity for this man who had been alive, stuck on the bridge of a tattered old vessel for over two thousand years.

We moved through the ship fairly quickly, repairing each thing that was required for the ship to run. We ran into little trouble with the “Wargar.” Inessa handed a round of live ammunition to one and he blew himself up.

After fixing one of the… machine things, we discovered that Inessa had gone missing. The Iron Kin (I believe that’s what they’re called?) said that the Pale Ones (or whatever) took her, and were going to take her as a sacrifice to the Pale Mother. The pale mother was in a room near where one of the things we needed to fix anyway, but we could fix that thing until some other thing was fixed. The… power conduits? Or something? Man, I just drive the boat through the immaterial plane of demons, I don’t know how it works.

Anyway, Lumi and I ran to fix the power-whatevers while the captain and Jesse ran to help Inessa. In the power room, Lumi fixed the machine pretty easily, but then she got stuck in the relays. At that moment, there was a breach in the hull, opening the room to the void of space. Thinking fast, I grabbed Lumi and teleported us to the door, then pushed her out and slammed it behind us.

When we reached the room where the Pale Mother was, they had killed her. Lumi fixed the final bit of the ship. The captain of The Light of Terra came over the intercom and thanked us as the ship lurched. We immediately, and he disappeared into the void of space, off on his final journey.

We regrouped on the Prometheus, then I and a small group went out and obtained the Nexus Link. We received a transmission from Bastille and are en route to meet up with him.

Navigator's Log 04
Better Than Expected

As we left the awful jungle planet, Scourge attempted to attack us. We fired back, and landed a measly hit, but our main goal was to escape to the warp point and move to the next planet as indicated by the map atop the wraithbone tower. With some minor power relocation, we shook Scourge off our tail and reached the warp point in about two days, as expected.

I was mildly nervous about this trip, as my skills were rusty and got us stuck in a warp reef and time warp on the last venture through the Warp. But all went well – better than well. I expected ten days’ worth of travel, yet managed to cut that time in half, bringing us out of the warp in under a week.

On approach to the planet, we were hailed by missionaries of the God-Emperor. They requested our help. Apparently, the “priest-king” of the city they were camped near had taken several of their brothers captive, and they wanted our assistance in finding them and getting them back. We agreed in return for assistance finding the map piece – or, as we described it to them, “unusual energy fluctuations.”

The priest-king agreed to see us on the second day of our stay. With some difficulty, we were able to secure a trade – if we got the missionaries off the planet, the priest-king would return their brethren and grant us access to the planet’s most precious resource – water. But it is unlike any other water; it has incredible healing and clarifying properties, which clear the mind and soul. I suppose, on a bleak desert planet, it is the only thing that keeps them all from losing hope in their lives.

Unfortunately, the trade was rigged. The missionaries were unlikely to leave without their brethren, and the priest-king would not return those brethren until the missionaries were off the planet.

Frustrated, we returned to the missionaries’ camp, and I told them: “There is absolutely no way you will ever get your brothers back unless you leave this planet, for good. We can offer you either relocation to another planet in need of cleansing, or employment aboard our vessel. But you cannot stay here.”

To my surprise, that was enough convincing. They agreed to be employed on The Prometheus.

We returned to the priest-king immediately and were granted entrance. Shockingly, Jeremiah Blitz was already in conference with the priest-king. I told him we could talk later about the progress towards Treasure Planet. Then I reassured the priest-king that the deed was done, and he returned the missionaries. We made to leave, but he stopped us – Jeremiah and all but one of the missionaries were escorted out. The priest-king explained to us that Jeremiah had insisted that the missionaries would never leave or abandon their efforts to convert the populace, and that he needed assurance.

He wanted us to kill the missionary.

After efforts to convince him of our sincerity in other ways, we were left with no choice. Jesse did the deed, and the priest-king was satisfied. Our trade with him was secured, the water added to our resources, and the missionaries saved.

Before we left, we inquired of the missionaries about unusual energy patterns. One man said there were some around the mountains, far from any cities. We took a ship and landed about a kilometer from another Eldar tower, similar – if perhaps smaller – than the one on the jungle planet. On top was a continuation of the starchart. It took some effort and time, but I was able to divine locations of more map pieces, and that we only needed to visit two more of these locations – three if we are unlucky – in order to discover the coordinates of the Treasure Planet.

Upon returning to the ship, we sent messages to Bastille. We are set to head to the next location now.

Navigator's Log 03
Definitely A Treasure Hunt

The Stryxis departed swiftly after the Eldar arrived. We chose to send our ship away from the planet, hoping to give Djanko Scourge the impression that we were leaving. I left Reymalon with the ship, in case of emergency. He’s grown into a fair navigator. Meanwhile, we and ten of our Kroot soldiers flew down to the planet. Our Voidmaster Jesse avoided the sensors expertly, but the Eldar saw us.

They did not attack, they merely demanded that we leave. Cornelius convinced them to let us have 24 hours to scan the planet from above.

We’d noticed a peculiar energy pattern on the planet earlier, and headed directly for it. However, we ran into extreme turbulence; the energy waves threw the ship in circles and we ended up crash-landing in the middle of a muggy rainforest. Cornelius, Jesse, Lumi, and Inessa chose to trudge through the muck to try and find the source of the energy patterns. I wasn’t precisely keen on it, but I’m glad I chose to go, for reasons I’ll explain. We left four Kroot with the ship and took the other six with us.

We encountered some aggressive over-sized insects on our way. It was nothing we couldn’t handle. Our trek eventually led us to a large Wraithbone tower – obviously the source of the power fluctuations.

There, we were confronted by Bastille, who declared that he’d laid claim to the tower. Luckily, Cornelius was able to talk him into an alliance.

Shortly thereafter, all of us blacked out and had a vision – a sigil fragmenting and each piece flying across the galaxy. We then scaled the tower and discovered six Eldar conducting a ritual. They were attempting to teleport the tower elsewhere. We attacked immediately and without reserve, and made quick work of them. The magic seemed to have an adverse effect on their fighting skills.

Amusingly, one of them attempted to attack Lumi. She was not injured; rather, she repeatedly stunned him with a shock rod of some sort – at least four times in a row. He wasn’t able to land so much as a blow.

Once we had eradicated them, the magic cleared and we were able to see a glorious, beautiful map laid out atop the building. It was immediately clear to me that it was a treasure map, though the part we actually needed was ruined and unreadable. It occured to me that this was a piece of the sigil from our earlier vision. There were several other planets on the map where the other pieces of the map could be found, and I deduced that visiting a few of them would give us the needed information.

The treasure planet, Dread Pearl, is now within our grasp.

We maintain an unsteady alliance with Bastille. We have chosen to split up and find the map pieces on the other planets, then share the information with each other – whether or not this is how it pans out remains to be seen.

Either way, this means we’re to enter the warp again soon. I must prepare for the journey ahead.

Navigator's Log 02
Everything is Fine

I am, in truth, more than a little annoyed that I was unable to purchase grenades. Perhaps my choice to join the Orthesian Dynasty was… hasty. We have exactly one ship and we are poor as dirt.

Yet, I am already referring to this ragtag group as ‘we.’ I suppose I’m growing attached.

It has been a long few weeks. Before leaving Footfall, we made a treaty with one of the other Rogue Traders – Jeremiah, the curiously attractive young man who obtained his Warrant by winning a bet. He was willing enough to agree that we should avoid fighting each other, though we all know that we’ll eventually be enemies. For now, however, we have to join forces to keep safe from Feckward.

It’s all boring political intrigue. But there’s a group among the Rogue Traders chasing the Treasure Planet who have joined in uneasy alliance to stand against the more brutish of the bunch.

After leaving Footfall, we travelled for about two days. We assisted Jeremiah in escaping an Eldar ship.

Preparations to enter the warp went well — I was able to clearly paint our path through it, directly to our destination. There was one warp storm that we ran into right away, which we chose not to prepare for. However, we made it out unscathed. Five days in, we ran into a warp reef. No significant damage was caused. Another five days passed, and we hit a time warp, where we were stranded for eight days. Another few days after that, we exited the warp two days’ travel away from our destination, and, at last, far from the twin warp storms at the entrance to the Koronus Expanse. All went quite well. The light of the Astronomicon guided us through the warp with little issue. Some of the crew did suffer warp hallucinations and other such nonsense, but that’s not uncommon. The daemons that run amok in the warp can cause one to suffer insanity. That is the curse of space travel.

Upon arriving, we found one of the Rogue Traders already there. He insisted that the planet belonged to him, and commanded us to leave. We have told him we will, but we have other plans; this planet is not the Treasure Planet — we have assumed this is to become a treasure hunt, and that there is a clue on the planet that is here.

There were Stryxis in the area, whom we traded with. It was incredible to see them up-close. They are exactly as promised. I obtained a curious item from them — an undergrown grunt. As I understand it, the Stryxis grow lab grunts who follow orders and lift heavy things. This one is a runt; not useful for much. I purchased him. I’m curious about the creatures and I imagine he will give me some insight into the Stryxis. Lumi has named him Pyxis.

At any rate, we intend to go down to the planet in Jesse’s small ship to do some reconnaissance. I will update when I can.

With all due Respect...
Musings of the Void

THAT WAS THE WORST FOOD I HAVE EVER EATEN!!!!!!!!!!! truly vile and disgusting I have no idea why I let Kid Captain Cornelius drag me to that terrible ordeal of a dinner. Nobility should just stay out of cuisine. wait, scratch that, nobility should just Stay Out. PS WHY cant that guy have an easier name?? You can’t even make a decent nickname out of Cornelius. Corny? Neely? I have been sorely tempted to call him Kid Captain but that will piss him off and I’m just too lazy to deal with an emotional warp storm. Too many warp storms out here for anyones comfort. CO maybe? Jury’s out for now. However I digress, perhaps I should start at the beginning.
We needed to refuel and get some crew for my ship and so Cornelius, you remember that kid who inherited the box with that warrant, landed us on Footfall. A group of asteroids chained together to make a port where the rules are quite to my liking, Lax. I was relaxing into the atmosphere, or lack of one, when we were approached by, quite literally, a bunch of feather weights. They were Croot that claimed they were looking for work. What they were doing clear out here in the Callixis Sector the God-Emperor only knows. Cap wanted to hire them but I talked him down. I wanted to know what these things were doing out here first, you can never be too careful around Xenos. After that we were met by a group of desperadoes who clearly needed to re think their plan. Seriously, I thought the universe knew that Cornelius (Yea, i give up for now) came from battlefleet? I guess these thugs didn’t get the memo though. They came up in all these wild important looking uniforms and tried to get us to pay them some bogus tax. I gotta admit though, Cornelius pulled through on this one. He said something about having backup at my currently empty ship and those fools scurried off like they’d wet their pants! HA! I honestly didn’t know he had it in him.
We split up after that and I went off to find a few of my old drinking buddies who joined the Black Brotherhood. I figured if they were around they could give me the scoop on this “Foretelling” thing. Much to my chagrin they wern’t at port right now and I got pointed to some paper pusher for the Brotherhood. After some persuasion, he did tell me about an auction happening later on to get tickets to this Foretelling at the Obsidian Emporium. After a short pick me up I met back with Cornelius and the others
That’s when the trouble started. The captain said he had accepted this random invitation from the Nobility of Footfall, as if anyone could be noble caming from this hole. Which led to me eating this bizarre concoction called Shardspider Eggs in Promethium soup surrounded by the biggest bunch of blowhards I’ve seen this side of Ixarua. the lot didn’t even know how to properly stock a bar! The soup stuff? It smelled like starter fuel and tingled like it was radioactive. I came out of there with a massive stomachache! I was so fuming that I had wasted a perfectally good evening that I stalked off to find those Xenos Croot. Then I got ambushed by those Idiots in costume again and just as I was about to puke all over them in hopes that they would fry up from the acid and petroleum in my stomach. Those Croot things lept all over them and slaughtered the lot! Those things can really move! It was incredible! Needless to say I hired them on the spot.
After taking care of my indigestion we went to the auction. We offered them some route through the warp storms we didn’t actually have but they took the bait and we were in!
I thought the worst was over but I don’t even want to talk about the creepy witches. After enduring all that we finally got some good info. There’s Treasure to be had! The witch things called it a Dread Pearl but I call it cash! All in All, it was a terrible day with a sweet reward at the end. That pearl could make us enough money to buy 100 ships! And I do love a good treasure hunt.
Master of the Void, Jessie Rameriez


i am never leaving the ship again


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