Rogue Trader - Orthesian Legacy

Captains Log- 7.5.2016

Once stepping off the Prometheus into Footfall, we decided that initially we needed to acquire a crew in order to properly fulfill the duties given to us by the God-Emperor via our recently discovered Warrant of Trade. We were approached by a small clan of aliens offering their services, and decided to look around for the best price, rather than the first offer, due to our low funds. We were shortly after approached by a group of highwaymen dressed in stolen Imperial Navy Uniforms, with a poorly falsified tax form. As they left, they threatened to retort physically when we left Footfall. With the Vendigroth off to acquire the necessary crew, and Jessie off to get in touch with her underworld contacts, Nebula and I proceeded to the temples to see what we could find out about the rumored “Foretelling.” On our journey, we were invited to a banquet hosted by the highest authority in Footfall later that evening. Once we reached the temples, we quickly made allies of them by granting them the writings of (whatshisname) and learned that the purpose of the foretelling was to find a “Treasure Planet.” Once returned to the ship, we learned that the tickets to this “foretelling” would be held by auction, and ten tickets would be granted.
At the banquet, some outlandish and disgusting food was served, assuredly in the hopes that strange food would be viewed as exquisite and impressive. Not much was achieved in the banquet, in fact I might say we came out under by the end.
Once the auction started, it was clear that money was not necessary, and we offered that if/when we find the other missing ships from my dynasty (I forgot what we offered…). It seemed as though it was enough for the auctioneer.
Once arriving at the Foretelling itself, many supernatural events occurred which I would rather not relate in the Captains Log. However, we did, in the end find the coordinates of said “Treasure Planet” and are on our way presently to find it.
Captains Log. Out.


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