Vladaym Tocara


A senior negotiator for the Kasballica, Tocara dresses severely—grey bodysuit, small silver Aquila, thin data-slate, shaven head— and never smiles. Attended by armoured Kasballica enforcers, Tocara is always present at the Liege’s Court to pay his respects to a newly arrived Rogue Trader, his adherence to the forms of tradition precise and efficient.

Vladaym Tocara is the gateway to a vast array of illegal services, hidden information, and dangerous goods secreted in caches upon Footfall, but the price is always high. In particular, Tocara seeks greater formal ties between Rogue Traders and his masters, and influence upon the flow of xenos technology and Halo Artefacts into the Cold Trade. He actively seeks out newly arrived Rogue Traders, introducing himself and cautiously exploring their potential interest in less-than-legal enterprises.


Vladaym Tocara

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