Lady Sun Lee


“Trade is war; war is trade. Either way, the House of Ma’Kao profits.”

Lady Sun Lee is the matriarch of the House of Ma’Kao, a powerful dynasty with holdings across the entire Segmentum. Those holdings include facilities on several dozen Agri-worlds providing essential foodstuffs to many prominent Hive-worlds (including Scintilla). Despite the fact that the fortunes of the House of Ma’Kao have afforded Lady Sun Lee an unimaginably privileged lifestyle, she prefers to leave the running of her affairs to a veritable army of underlings. The bearers of the Ma’Kao Warrant of Trade prefer to hold their fortunes in their own hands, and they know that even should they fall in some benighted, uncharted backwater (as several have), their dynasty will continue. Her House’s wealth means Lady Sun Lee can pursue her own interests, which revolve around the pursuit of legendary treasures and lost xenos civilisations beyond the galactic rim.

Given her propensity for adventure, Lady Sun Lee has faced things in her lifetime even seasoned Explorators would avoid. She has trod the dusty crypts of alien catacombs, and led expeditions into the most lethal Death World jungles, returning with rare artefacts and priceless resources. She has held council with monarchs of long-lost human empires, and convinced them that she is the Goddess of Humanity, earning the adoration and fealty of uncounted millions.

Lady Sun Lee is an adept swordswoman, and carries a priceless heirloom power weapon with a gracefully curved and impossibly sharp blade. This weapon is reputed to have been crafted long ago on Ancient Terra, perhaps even before the time of the Great Crusade. Whether or not this is true, the sword has certainly claimed the lives of many rivals, earning Lady Sun Lee a fearsome reputation in Rogue Trader circles. Sun Lee is often to be found wearing ornate power armour of a striking jade hue, a colour that is repeated across the heraldry of her vessels and the uniforms of her soldiers and servants. When not expecting trouble, she wears a flowing silk gown of the same colour, lending her a stately grace. Her charm is immediately disarming to those who do not know better.


Lady Sun Lee

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