Risa Calypso



Risa Calypso

Career path- Void-master- Mastery of small craft
Ship Role- Master Helmsman

Homeworld- Imperial world
Birthright- Child of the Creed
Lure to the void- Renegade- Free thinker
Trials and Travails- Calamity
Motivation- Renown
Lineage- Of extensive means- Far-reaching contacts

Destiny- To establish a world free from the God-Emperor
Tragedy- Family was killed by Heretics

Insanity: 0
Corruption: 8
Fate Points (total): 3

-Enemy (Ecclesiarchy)
-Hatred (Pirates)
-Light Sleeper
-Nerves of Steel
-Peer (Adeptus Mechanichus)
-Peer (Government)
-Peer (Military)
-Peer (Underworld)
-Quick draw
-Secret tongue (Rogue trader)
-Secret tongue (Underdeck)
-Speak language (High Gothic)
-Speak language (Low Gothic)
-Unshakable faith


Risa grew up on a large Imperial world, consisting mostly of islands. She was raised as a Child of The Creed until her adolescence, creating an unshakable faith. Once she returned home, she was taken care of by her two older brothers and extended family, as both of her parents were in the military. She learned to catch aquatic game, farm, and cook, which she was most proficient at. As time went on, she became more and more worried about her parents, who she hadn’t heard from. But her attention shifted as her newfound skills caught the eyes of a noble family, who hired her as a personal chef at the age of 15.

After serving the Blackbreed family for several years, her family and she were invited to a private event, which several noble families and higher-ups would be attending. Never previously attending such a large event, Risa had no idea what to expect.

At the party, Risa met friends and acquaintances of her parents and other family, whom she tried to impress to the best of her abilities. Unfortunately, the event was short-lived as a little-known but world-wide cult of fish worshipping heretics crashed the party by setting off a chain reaction of explosions, causing parts of the Blackbreed estate to fall into the sea. The rest of the heretics attacked the guests, killing most, apart from Risa, her eldest brother, and the father and child of the Blackbreed family. The Blackbreeds fled while Risa’s brother fought off the heretics valiantly, but ended up being taken as a captive. All Risa could do was watch as the horror unfolded around her.

She woke up the next morning, having forgotten that she had collapsed from the shock she had experienced the night before. She found the crumbled estate swarming with members of the Imperial Guard, who questioned her about the attack. After explaining her loyalties to the God-Emperor to those interrogating her, she was permitted to go home.
Once she returned to her empty home, she broke down, questioning why her dedication to the Imperium and God-Emperor resulted in such a catastrophe. Why would anyone willingly rebel against the one-true ruler of the Imperium? Why rebel against the great God-Emperor and their successful rule? She then questioned if this present age really represented what the God-Emperor wanted.

More and more questions filled her head over nearly a year as she tried to adjust living alone, searching for her brother, and caring for herself. She tried to distract herself with farming and visiting friends of her family, but she constantly felt uneasy, like she wasn’t safe, even in her own home. She would often watch the ships flying overhead, and would often wish to leave her homeworld and forget her past. Her wish would come true as she received a short, anonymous message which read:

“The Heir knows the Sire.”

She did not understand the message until a few days later, when she heard many rumors surrounding the Orthesian’s dynasty reappearance, and the heir, Cornelius, had returned. Risa would have to give up her fruitless search for her brother for the time being and find her parents, if they were still alive…

For the past two years, Risa has been learning the art of steering through the void, meeting friends from the Imperium and, sometimes unknowingly, cultists and other enemies of the Ecclesiarchy, which after several run-ins, made her an enemy of. She has also created a single, deep hatred for pirates, after being conned and used several times.

Risa hopes that the Orthesian dynasty will hold the key to finding her parents and achieving her newfound goal: establishing a world free from the corrupt Imperium ideals and establish a world with the God-Emperor’s true intentions. But until the opportunity presents itself, Risa will accompany the Orthesians on whatever journey may unfold before them.

Risa Calypso

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