Otto Vinterföd

Robotic Space Bear-Man


in heavy Russian accent

I have finally found useful creature in ridiculous hotel. He says he is Strange man- I believe this description. I caught him staring at my precious hammer of thunder while I was bathing in hotel’s tar pool. It only took one small roar to scare puny man into confession.

He says he has team of people hunting Nadya Vendigroth. He says his people could use someone of my size-someone with mighty thunder hammer-to smash face of Nadya. How interesting. I too hunt this Nadya.

Let me back this up. In the days of my youth, my family was captured by poachers working for the ever eccentric crime baroness Galia Chlo. Galia had many pets and wanted many more. The fabled winter bears from the deathworld Sudrinda were especially intriguing to her. So, captured we were. Most of my clan went to the fighting pits. A few were kept for exotic meats and pelts. Even fewer were kept in Galia’s private zoo. Because I was just cub, I was kept as lap pet. She grew attached. Said I was sent to her from heavens above. She only believed this because her human fur matched my bear fur. Heavens my ass.

Eventually, like any spoiled brat, she tired of me. I was sent to fight pits without second thought. I was barely bigger than cub.

Fortunately for me, that was still quite large. Despite the cruelty of time, many of my brothers and sisters had endured pits of battle. They protected me from horrors within those blood baths. They mentored me. Soon I grew to be biggest of all warrior slaves. Strongest too. As winner, I got medical attention. I was no fool. I knew they gave medicine and bionic upgrades to me only as way to keep making money from my victories.

Years later, and hundreds and thousands of human medical procedures and enhancements later, I was not dying. My pit enemies died, my clan brothers died, but I did not die. Why? Why do all else die so easily and I struggle to end? It is not natural for Winter Beasts to live long lives.

The healers don’t understand. But the healers aren’t paid to understand.

Galia now visits me in the room I won. She tells me how I’m her miracle pet. She tells me she misses the days I stayed with her. Lies. I hate this false sense of connection. She now brings me pets of my own. It is so tiny and furry, it is like mini-me. It is actually quite cute. I shall protect this small beast. His name shall beOtter. But I digress. Galia even brings her newest pet to see me.

Nadya Vendigroth.
The match made in hell.

Galia at least feigns interest in me, Nadya does not. Galia watches me fight out of misplaced adoration. Nadya watches because she revels in the bloodshed of beasts.

Luckily I didn’t have to endure these lies much longer. Eventually I set record for most puny creatures smashed. Apparently this earns my freedom. Who am I to complain? That’s right, I am tortured slave bear who has been forced to fight for decades, only for amusement of tiny crime boss lady!! I am the one with most complaints!!

But I bide time. It is fortune after all that Galia has cherished me so long. She has no reason to suspect I wish her slow painful death. She is dumb. She is dumb little human lady.

A pawful of nights later I grab trusty thunder hammer, I sneak out of room, and I steal into Galias room. It is dark, quiet, and stale aired room. I hear her petite snore. Slowly I raise hammer, and… CRASH! I bring it down with every ounce of force I can muster, right on top of Galia’s scrawny little bird legs. My hammer is to big and I am too strong. The legs snap, the bed crumbles and the floor shatters. Then alarms.

I have no inention to kill Galia quick. My thirst for blood is patient. I run to the ships aft deck where all escape ships reside.
And into the cold, dark expanse of space I go.

After months of building aliases and allies I hear rumors of one Nadya Vendigroth. She is on the planet I have made my home. How unfortunate for her. I now plan to capture her, torture her, and use her for bait. Then-then I wait for her. Galia Chlo. The last human to call me “pet”.

Otto Vinterföd

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