Krawkin Feckwa(r)d


“Ten thousand of the first-born of your city? Who do you think I am, a missionary? You’ll give me them all, and in return, I won’t flatten you with my ‘sky-fire devils,’ understand?”

The name Krawkin Feckward is infamous amongst the recidivist underworld, for a fortune built upon a complex web of criminal activities. Many consider Feckward’s holding of a Warrant of Trade to be extremely dubious in and of itself, for his lineage is highly questionable, and many consider him nothing more than a criminal overlord.

The fortunes of the Feckward line are built upon the twin and equally despicable cold and slave trades. Over the decades of his rulership of the line, Krawkin Feckward has led many expeditions to locate new sources of both xenos artefacts and slaves, bringing examples of his wares into the courts of Imperial Commanders across the Calixis Sector and beyond.

Although he often moves in high circles, Feckward maintains an air of disdain for even the highest born of his customers. He truly despises them, and makes no effort to obscure it. In truth, he knows that in purchasing his goods, these customers are placing their very lives in his hands. Were they to be discovered, they would die at the hands of the Inquisition.

Feckward has broken countless laws in his dealings, and it is only his Warrant of Trade that keeps him from prosecution. Yet Feckward simply does not care, and continues to remain just distant enough from heresy to avoid the ire of the Inquisition.


Krawkin Feckwa(r)d

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