Jeremiah Blitz


“To be honest friend, I have no idea what a Writ of Claim is. I got here first; I have the bigger gun, and it’s mine. In my book, that’s all the claim I need to make.”

Jeremiah Blitz is a charming rogue and a notorious scoundrel, a man not truly given to the rarefied manners of polite society, but more at home in unsavoury drinking dens and back-street bordellos. Jeremiah Blitz is only newly come to his Warrant of Trade, and is no highborn scion born into a life of nobility.

The manner in which Jeremiah earned his Warrant is entirely typical of the man—he won it in a game of chance. Most versions of the story agree that Blitz, formerly a dealer in dubious and xenos art objects, landed himself a place at a very high-stakes game attended by a Sector Lord of the Adeptus Terra. Over the course of the game, Blitz lost heavily, until he staked all on the turn of the last card and won a favour from that Sector Lord.

Blitz demanded the Lord grant him the Warrant of Trade, and reluctantly, he agreed. A year and a day later, Jeremiah Blitz was granted his warrant and the cruiser Ordained Destiny, and was soon set for wilderness space and whatever adventures
it could offer.

In his short career to date as a Rogue Trader, Jeremiah Blitz has carved his name across a dozen regions. He has yet to settle into the serious business of establishing a dynasty, though he has no doubt sowed many illegitimate seeds throughout the courts of several ruling houses. Most of Jeremiah’s adventures have been somewhat shady, often involving dubious deals with less-than-reputable characters. Where most Rogue Traders look to nurture investments and establish interests, Jeremiah is, at this stage, more interested in short-term gain. To this end, he has continued his erstwhile dealings in the Cold Trade, bringing in vast sums for alien artefacts from beyond the rim.

Jeremiah Blitz is a man of action who relies first and foremost upon his own, personal resources. His confidants are formed of an inner circle of accomplices he knows from his former life, forming a band of ragged adventurers. In addition to these trusted men and women, Jeremiah maintains a sizable force of armsmen to back him in serious situations.


Jeremiah Blitz

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