Madame Charlabelle Armelan


“Oh, how unsurprising. The fourth potential agri-world we’ve discovered in this star-cluster. One wonders where these were during the food riots in our manufactorum colonies… Oh, everything’s going wonderfully. Why do you ask?”

The Rogue Trader Madam Charlabelle is the daughter of the infamous Lord-Captain Armelan, whose fortunes were dashed when an Ork invasion overwhelmed his clan’s home system of Adrianni-Spinward. Armelan threw himself and the fortunes of his house into the war effort, knowing that if he did not, the bulk of his interests would be lost and centuries of tradition and honour defiled. Armelan committed his entire fleet to the effort, rushing an endless stream of reinforcements and material to the defense. Unfortunately, Armelan’s actions were as rash as honourable, and all save a handful of his vessels were destroyed as the Ork fleet crushed the system’s defenses.

House of Armelan was left with a single warp-capable transport (the Grace of Sopha) and a dozen or so inter-system vessels. The clan’s fortunes crumbled and Armelan was forced to divest himself of what resources remained outside of Adrianni-Spinward. His health and sanity failing him, Armelan retreated to his last sanctuary, a now dilapidated manse on Malfi, where he quietly sunk into a amsec-fuelled fantasy world.

The only hope of House Armelan lies with its last remaining scion, Madam Charlabelle.

A striking and determined woman, Charlabelle seeks to maintain the deception that her clan is still strong. She does this by projecting a thoroughly convincing illusion of wealth and sophistication. However, her resources are now running dangerously low. In appearance, Madam Charlabelle is every inch the intelligent sophisticate, well versed in proper manners and tradition. Yet she is no willowy daughter of privilege, despite appearances, and long ago learned how to get things done herself. To this end, she has mastered, somewhat unusually for one of her station, the deadly Eldar weapon known as the Harlequin’s Kiss. Many a rival has fallen to its deadly touch, after underestimating the wielder.

Striking out on her own aboard the Grace of Sopha, Madam Charlabelle has come to the Koronus Expanse to seek some remedy to the dire straits of her House. Unable to draw upon the resources other Rogues Traders can, she has employed the services of a large band of Kroot Mercenaries to aid her in whatever travails await.


Madame Charlabelle Armelan

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