Priest-King of the Glass City of Lah'ndan


Ansai is the Priest-King of the only glass city visited by the Orthesians — Lah’ndan. In appearance, the Priest-King Ansai is quite striking, his face lean and his deep blue eyes wide-set and penetrating. Ansai holds court from a throne of luxurious cushions, on which he and his attendants sprawl languidly while courtiers and sycophants cluster all around to pander to his every need. His demeanor is at all times polite and languid, and he does not raise his voice or allow himself to become agitated.

During their visit to Ansai’s court, the Orthesians established a trade agreement of the precious waters of Vaporius. In exchange, they agreed to make sure that the Ecclesiarchy never again set foot on that desert world.



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