Abel Gerrit

DECEASED - Rival Rogue Trader


"Old Lucien would blow you clean out of the airlock for that remark, sir. I suggest you either walk away now or find an emergency vac-suit.”

Abel Gerrit is a scion of the House Arcadius, an ancient clan of Rogue Traders whose traditional area of operation has for several thousand years been the Imperium’s Eastern Rim. Recently, however, the clan’s head has determined it wise to branch out into other stretches of the galaxy. As a result, many branches of the clan have been tasked with expanding the fortunes of the Arcadius.

Abel Gerrit is just such a distant cousin of the rulers of the House Arcadius. Although he does not bear his clan’s Warrant of Trade himself, and is far down the line of succession, Abel is nonetheless empowered to act in the interests of his House. To this end, Abel has his own vessel, the heavy raider Maxim’s Gambit, and not-inconsiderable resources. He had been tasked with seeking out opportunities in Segmentum Obscurus, and has followed rumours of the treasure planet, arriving at Footfall along with the other witnesses to the Foretelling.

Abel is a highly capable individual, who takes enormous pride in bearing the Gerrit name and claiming membership in the House Arcadius. He is as competent as a ship’s master as he is a duellist, and is known to have taken the lives of many foes in both arenas. Despite his skills, Abel is not a braggart, and prefers to deal with potentially dangerous situations as a reasonable individual, but will not shirk from conflict if the other fellow refuses to reciprocate.

Abel Gerrit prefers a stylized duelling outfit to more formal clothing. He carries a pair of matched dueling blades at all times, finely balanced and master-crafted power weapons passed down through many generations. Due to Abel’s dueling, his handsome features are marred with scars. One especially vicious bout cost him an eye, but his gaze is steady and true none-the-less.


Abel Gerrit

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