Rogue Trader - Orthesian Legacy


All of Vepser’s words are swirling in my mind. The tangled web of the future that our small hands are trying to form sense from… But I should go back….

…We have met so many people since my last entry. I feel they are all wanting to play us, use us to bend the web in the direction of their choosing. They all appear to offer aid. But at a price.

Lumi found an ancient servo skull beneath the hut of some St Cognatious woman. It held the log that someone of more intelligence than myself would, I imagine, find important. Lumi and I emerged from the cellar to find our group…. Mordengrave… inciting a riot. He somehow managed to convince poor old Dirt to attack one of the guards. I was not quick enough to aid before more guards emerged and threw us all in the pits once again.

Another clawed fiend, this time the earth held fire geysers beneath our feet.
I do not wish to speak much of this battle… only to say that the arena etiquette of the Dark Eldar is very poor, throwing things IN THE MIDDLE OF A BATTLE!…

My stumblings on the field incited a need for action and redemption. Promptly after the fight I found myself at the feet of a shanty town guard. I convinced this fool that Anayalra had requested me to come to her chambers.

Upon her doorstep, I realized that I did not know whether the fierce woman was inside or not. I had not planned for what to do if she were. I admit that the trepidation of that moment thrilled me. I held my breath as I entered… empty. The wall directly before me held her bed, covered in the softest materials I never even knew existed. The wall to the right held a cabinet filled with armor and weapons all vibrating with power. On a set Of armor I observed the space marine logo. Surely Ludvos Tarns. But I would have to return for that, I could imagine no feasible way of taking it back along the passageways without trouble. I walked to her bed absentmindedly. Burying my fingers into the bedding, I examined the wall from which I had entered. Dozens of skulls of different shapes and sizes covered the wall, their gazes all falling upon the bed. My body ached to sink down into the bed and be consumed. I tore myself from the bed to see that the last wall held her desk. I quickly found a small device resembling the mechanics of the psy locks on my friends. I pocketed it.
I wondered if she would know I had been there… I pushed the thought from my mind. How could she know? I was being absurd.

I had just finished removing the locks from Vesper and Hitomi when Yissir showed up in the hut we had claimed as our own. He held grand promises in exchange for us killing some Dark Eldar noble. This is when Vesper began with the possibilities. We argued at length with how to proceed. My companions seem to think we are the ones using people. I have been used for far too long to not know better than that. The Dark Eldar having been spinning this web for decades, I am sure. Vesper’s possibilities seem to confirm this.

We tried to kill the Dark Eldar noble… It seems that our small band of companions has run out of luck.


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