Rogue Trader - Orthesian Legacy

The Book of Skorn - 3

I suppose none of us should be surprised about where we’ve found ourselves. After all, we were working alongside the most treacherous xenos of them all.

The plan was going well, or so it seemed. We’d decided to use the xenos soiree as our way into the ziggurat, then sneak away and infiltrate the depths of the massive citadel, wherein we would find the Soul Reaver, and be done with this horrid business of working with the xenos.

Then it got complicated. Personal.

All those Vendigroths, right? It was their fault. Inessa wasn’t about to tolerate any tarnish on her name, and so was determined to put a stop to Nadya before the woman could leave the Nexus of Shadows.

Well, that all went down at the xenos soiree. One Vendigroth tried to kill another, and before long we were all fighting it out in a flaming pit of carnivorous plants. A real delight. It almost worked out for us, though. Nadya Vendigroth was critically injured. Their brother, Daniel, was dead. We found ourselves a passage down to the base of the Ziggurat, practically leading us right to the Soul Reaver.

The thing was massive. Hideus. Dark xenos filth. And we walked right it.

But we had company. Scores of xenos scum followed us in there. We were surrounded. We’d have put up a good, blood-soaked fight, but it would have been to no avail.

We were detained, and now we’re drenching with blood the hot sands of the xenos fighting pits

It’s bloody work. We’ve faced other slaves in single combat. We’ve faced whole groups of trained xenos. We’ve faced a massive xenos beast. We’ve even done battle in a twisted arena made to simulate the void. Some of us have fared better than the others. Arms have been lost. Legs crushed. Guts spilled. But the Emperor Protects, and we’re hanging on.
Mayhaps we’ll even find a way out of here, after all.

But if I have to split a few more xenos skulls before we’re done, I won’t be complaining.


Dangerbutton Dangerbutton

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