Rogue Trader - Orthesian Legacy

Spineless Smears

After speaking briefly with a many-armed ruffian, we have decided to help work the slaves of the Shadow Spine Pits into revolt. We split to best organize and persuade the slaves, according to our particular abilities. I followed along after Vesper to lend aide if necessary. She spoke with a member of Adeptus Asartes at length. Eventually, we learned that this Space Marine would be willing to assist in our endeavors but we will need to help him retrieve his power armor. I believe he said the power armor resides in Anyalra’s private quarters.

I am not sure at this time of any successes of the others, but Strang would not shut up about ‘his boy’ Otto. Apparently, Otto punched out the leader of the mutants, a boar-man, and demanded the respect and fealty of the mutants. Strang says Otto is feared by all the mutants. Strang kept insisting it was ‘awesome.’ I have acknowledged his opinion numerous times, and still he tells the story.

Once again we are sent into the pits. I wonder why the Dark Eldar are allowing us to fight together. I would have imagined they would set us against each other. Do they realize we were captured as a group? Or is it mere coincidence we remain together?

I do not have long to ponder this, as I realize our opponents are equipped with guns. What sort of spineless sneak allows guns into a pit fight? Any fool with a gun could easily kill! Guns do not encourage any sort of skill or technique. Whoever allowed this is a SMEAR upon pit fighting! I try to contain my rage, forcing it down. Pushing down. Pushing. I am pushing down with my legs, into the earth. Pushing forward, I sprint behind some ruins that are scattered through the arena. As I run between two outcroppings I see…. I see Mordengrave flying through the air…?! He lands a shattering blow to an opponent. I can no longer see them as I duck behind a wall, but I hear his wet landing, that signals of success.

I cut around the last corner and spot one of them. I use my momentum to reach him in a slide. As I slide, I use my mono dagger to severe the tendons that connect his foot to his leg. He is immediately hobbled. He growls in anger and pain as he attempts to raise his gun and take his revenge. At that moment, Otto roars and one of the taller ruins behind me collapses in a plume of stone, shrapnel, and dust. Otto’s tremendous roar sends a jolt through my opponent and the spray of the needler misses me. Over my head, Vesper brings a shock staff down into the man, and continues running past. He is stunned. I feel the battle around me drawing to a close. The dust is settling onto the prostrate bodies of the opponents. But my job is not over. We must finish them. I grasp the man’s arm and start dragging him back towards the overturned tank near where we entered. I yank him atop and sit. I cradle his head into my chest. His eyes begin fluttering and he moans. I again take my dagger to his flesh. Sawing slowly through flesh and veins in his neck. His moans turn to frantic screams. He tries to use his lifeless feet to push and scramble away, but he will gain no traction with them now. As I play, I look up into the frantic crowd. I once again lock eyes with the Dark Eldar woman. She ignores those around her. I know what Otto speaks of feeling like a possession now. I fear treading too close to this Dark Eldar but I know this is not the last time I will stare into her eyes. My gaze is broken as a Dark Eldar brasierre sent flying from the crowd, lands near my feet.

Around me, others are collecting trophies, new weapons that they stash beneath armor. As we meander to the exit, Strang once again talking excitedly, he is suddenly cut short. I turn to see the startled face disappearing into a daemon warp portal.


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