Rogue Trader - Orthesian Legacy

Navigator's Log 2.03

Merchants and Stabbings and Demons, Oh My!

Once we had calmed Lumi, we discovered that she had panicked because the pillar had said, “Thank you. I didn’t want to be here when the world drowned.” Turns out, the poor girl has a fear of open water, though I fear the statement may not be as literal as it sounds.

Either way, we had to decide what to do about House Corthari, who were clearly going under the table selling valuable Yu’Vath artifacts – and not giving us a cut. A threat or two and a good bargain cut us into the deal, and we informed them that the Inquisitor would no longer be coming to the planet. A win-win for everyone, although… mostly for us. Just how we like it.

As we were packing to leave, Risa discovered a crime scene. After following it, she found a woman, dead, with precise stab wounds and the starchart symbol carved into her forehead. We immediately conducted a search, which included Hitomi trying to find out if anything had been stolen and me conducting a boot inspection to see if any of the miners’ people had the lady’s blood on their soles. The boot inspection was a little disorganized, which is hardly my fault; all I did was sit on a cot and issue orders. The fool who was helping me couldn’t keep the workers in line.

Regardless, we discovered someone had not shown up. Not a few minutes later, an unauthorized ship took off nearby. We took our shuttle and one of the miners’ shuttles and cornered the escapee on a small asteroid.

We attempted to contact him, but before any meaningful interrogation could pass, he said, “The Zandaran will rise again!” and there was a gurgling sound as he slit his own throat.

Hitomi recalled some information about the cult – that Cognatius had destroyed them long ago, ridding a small star system of their foul influence and returning the people there to the light of the God-Emperor.

Unable to divine the meaning behind all this, we simply set course for the planet marked by the symbol. Navigation was not as smooth this time; our new navigator took the wheel and – though I assisted – we had some minor issues. Namely, a daemonic incursion. Leaving the other navigator to man the helm, I followed Hitomi, Lumi, and Risa down to the deck where the demon was. We managed to make fairly short work of it. Hitomi banished it halfway through the battle, and that was that.

We approach Nephael. God-Emperor knows what awaits us there.


Dangerbutton Dangerbutton

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