Rogue Trader - Orthesian Legacy

Curious Encounters Log 2

Enraging Orks

After dealing with the cultists and demons that had somehow made their way to the Moulde’s estate, we met a rather unpleasant figure, the second-in-command judge of Ma’ene, who questioned our intentions. I looked over at Hitomi and Nebula, who looked ready to terminate this underwhelming judge. Before they could carry out their intentions, we met Tyrus Moulde’s sister, who immediately became distressed about her late brother.

After asking around what Tyrus may have wanted to tell our group, we decided to leave Ma’ene and head over to the Far Kingdom to help them out with their ork problem. After avoiding a crash with some smaller ork aircraft, we made it safely to the Far kingdom.

But first, we decided to explore the underground tunnels for clues about the shattersphere and the Zandaran cult. We weren’t able to look around for very long when we were attacked by a group of hideous orks. The fungal smell makes me want to gag, even now. But my newfound anger for these… befouling creatures overpowers my senses… especially smell, as one of the larger orks managed to slice my nose off.

Until I can find a suitable replacement, I will have to hide what I used to consider a nose.

End Log 2


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