Rogue Trader - Orthesian Legacy

Curious Encounters Log 1

Not exactly what I signed up for, but…

I could never have guessed what would happen to me while I have worked these short weeks with the Orthesians. I have met so many interesting people, along with many terrifying creatures and cultists! Although the Ecclesiarchy considers me as a heretic, my faith in the God-Emperor has yet to be shaken, even with what horrors my eyes have beheld.

I have worked as a void-master, which is no easy task, especially travelling through the Warp. From hallucinating about a blood-god, to waking up to find dead rats in a circle around me, I pray that we put off going through the Warp as much as we can.

Only recently have I made my cooking talents known, which I should have done sooner: the food they serve aboard is terrible! I shall remedy that soon.

The crew aboard the Prometheus are enthralling! I can’t begin to describe the people that work for Captain Cornelius. Hitomi Shiganori, the Astopath, is a very kind but serious woman who has saved me several times from the clutches of demons, including one which impaled me several times. It was a very unpleasant situation.

The navigator, Nebula Ilioneyse, is a brilliant one at that, though she struggled in our last engagement in combat, and lost one of her dark but intriguing eyes. But, for some reason, she has kept the question of whether I have known her before joining the Orthesians running through my head. She seems familiar somehow.

Our explorator, Lumi Victors, is one of the most interesting characters I’ve met within the time I have been with this crew. Things wouldn’t be nearly as exciting without her. She, also, in our latest fight with demons ended with her losing an eye. I don’t dare say it aloud with them around, but I have dubbed Lumi and Nebula the “Cyclops twins”! …Now that I think it… I pray they do not find this log.

There are many more members of this crew which I wish to recount, but after this past battle, I only wish to eat some decently-cooked food and rest.

End Log 1


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