This is a record of the ambitions, endeavors, and destiny of the Orthesian Dynasty – a campaign played in the Rogue Trader roleplaying game system.

At lease for now, we’re offering bonus XP for players using the site. The guidelines for this are as follows:

Adventure Logs: 50-300xp

• 50xp for the bare minimum, even if it’s only a few sentences.
• 100xp for medium length… over one paragraph.
• 200xp for large posts… several paragraphs.
• Up to 50xp bonus, at my discretion, for quality of post.
• Other players, if they like the post, can award an additional 10xp, each.

Character: 100-700xp

• 100xp for creating a character page for your own character.
• 100xp for adding a photo to that character page.
• 100xp for writing a background story.
• 100xp for writing about character personality.
• 100xp for writing and maintain character stats (characteristics, skills, talents, etc)
• 100xp for writing about any NPC characters related to your character, be they servants, allies, enemies, mentors, etc.
• 100xp for writing about character secrets that only you and the GM should know.

Other Stuff: 50xp-1000xp

• I don’t know. Just… other stuff? Adding information to the Wiki. Discussing stuff on the forum. Just… uh… stuff?


Imperial Date Converter – For converting actual date into an imperial date. For the purposes of our campaign, we started May 7th, 40,809, or 343.809.M41 in Imperial form.